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Healthy Ways to Drink Alcohol

One statement to start is that nobody will ever be able to resist the temptation of enjoying a lovely evening with your friends or your loved ones after a hard day at work. Then, alcohol will be the next thing you think about. To be able to feel the fresh beverages sliding down your throat is probably the most wanted sensation that everyone is after a tiring day in the office. However, it will cause you one or two problems when you suffer from a health issue that requires the absence of liquor for a certain period. If that is the case, then, the healthy way of drinking alcohol is what you need.

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Before we proceed, here comes a warning for you. There is no such thing as a totally healthy way to enjoy liquor, and even the healthiest kind of alcohol still has the possibility to make you end up in a hospital for alcohol poisoning. It is, of course, not something that you want, especially when you get really busy with your work. However, there is always one way or another to make it less dangerous, and below are the alternatives to make it healthier. After all, all we can do is to reduce the risks of suffering from more health problems.

Straight Liquor

a glass of iced beverageAlthough it does not really taste good and also not everyone’s favorite, straight liquor is the healthiest form of liquor that goes easy on your body. The term straight refers to drinking one type of beverage at one time without mixing it with a different kind of drink. Vodka, gin, whiskey, and scotch are the examples. This way of drinking, although not satisfying, can help you enjoy the moment without having to worry about what your body needs to process.

For the next, we should all agree that the people need an exact measurement as empirical evidence that such ways of drinking are indeed healthier. Then, we need to rely heavily on the calories and carbohydrate calculations. Vodka, for instance, contains 97 calories and zero carbs, the lowest of all types of alcoholic beverages. However, the number will change if it is mixed with another kind of alcohol, automatically making it unhealthy.


The beer has always been those addicts’ life-saver when it comes to suppressing their strong cravings. One problem, it is much more unhealthy since it contains more carbohydrates and calories. One way to overcome this is by brewing your own beer, and the article on will help you find the best brewing kit.